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AlexConstâncio +My Masters Project is the development of a law ontology to be used in search engine dedicated to jurisprudential information retrieval for brazilian court of laws.
AlexanderDeLeonBattista +I would like to contribute with new patterns and provide feedback on existing ones.
AlexanderGesinn +I'm working with SMW since many years and during this time I have created many ontologies for our customers. I'm especially interested in reusable ontology patterns.
AlexandraGalatescu +I am interested in general solutions and tools for ontology-based modeling of applications and for inference and search, based on ontologies, on models and Web.
AliciaJosset +want to know more about linean taxonomy
AlinAlexandru +To learn
AllanMazimwe +To be a contributor as far as emerging ODPs are concerned and wells as receive constructive criticism regarding patterns submitted
AmalBoukhdhir +Discovery
AmandaVizedom +I'm the technical lead for a team of appli I'm the technical lead for a team of applied ontologists with varied backgrounds, approaches, and experience. The ODP concept captures something that is not only critical to our internal consistency and training, but also largely outside the consciousness of most working ontologists and not well-supported by existing tools. What's more, our ontologists support Communities of Interest in developing ontologies based on their own domains and practices. If we are to avoid the classic difficulties (bottlenecks, knowledge loss, etc.) of expert-to-ontologist-to-formal-representation translations, we have to enable the Communities, and their experts, to do some ontology development themselves. We're putting in place the collaboration tools for this, but this is not enough. We also need to put in place the formal model "templates" to help them model their domain concepts without having to think like an ontologist. I see ODP as good fit for this -- better than the approaches I've made at it so far -- and am very excited about working with the ODP community and way of thinking. ith the ODP community and way of thinking.
AmelieGyrard +Comparing ontology catalogies for IoT and smart cities ODP can be seen as an ontology catalogue. I am designing the Linked Open Vocabularies for Internet of Things (LOV4IoT)
Amenenaghdipoor +to achieve more information about ODP
AmonPedrozo +To use any Design patterns in a ontology about UFBA.
AmrDesouky +Gather information for research purposes.
AndreaBurattin +Learn ontology design
AndreaHerrera +Mi trabajo de tesis se relaciona con las wikis semanticas y quiero saber como las utilizaron.
AndreasHorndahl +Learning about ODPs
AndreasRausch +Collecting informations for modelling an ontology system.
AndreasTextor +Currently: Submitting an issue/error report, in the long term also submitting patterns, possibly reviewing patterns.
AndreiRusu +I found a very here a very good collection of ontologies and I intend to reuse part of them in our project. The result i plan to give back to the community.
AndrewFarrow +Track current thinking
AndrewFlitcroft +modeling and standards definition
AndrewWalker +I am working on automated question answering over linked data and would like to propose some lexico-syntactic patterns pertaining to this.
AndreyGvozdev +My main motivaton for joinning the ODP community is getting of new information and knowledge in sphere of semantic web. Also it is very interesting to speak to people, discuss different questions and new ideas.
Anitaliang +working on enterprise level ontologies for which we need some level of consistency across models
AnnaLisaGentile +to have some help to solve modeling problems
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