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First name Amanda
Last name Vizedom
Email address amanda.vizedom (at)
Personal web site -
Organization USAF Enterprise Vocabulary Team (contractor)
Organization type Governmental Organization
Organization web site
Country United States United States (US)
Role in the organization Developer


Main motivation for joining ODP community: I'm the technical lead for a team of applied ontologists with varied backgrounds, approaches, and experience. The ODP concept captures something that is not only critical to our internal consistency and training, but also largely outside the consciousness of most working ontologists and not well-supported by existing tools. What's more, our ontologists support Communities of Interest in developing ontologies based on their own domains and practices. If we are to avoid the classic difficulties (bottlenecks, knowledge loss, etc.) of expert-to-ontologist-to-formal-representation translations, we have to enable the Communities, and their experts, to do some ontology development themselves. We're putting in place the collaboration tools for this, but this is not enough. We also need to put in place the formal model "templates" to help them model their domain concepts without having to think like an ontologist. I see ODP as good fit for this -- better than the approaches I've made at it so far -- and am very excited about working with the ODP community and way of thinking.

Possible main contribution to ODP community: To have some help to solve modeling problems, To help other users to solve modeling problems

Domains of interest:

Is expert of:

How did I know about ODP: conference/public events

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