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General description

Name: scorepart
Submitted by: AndreaPoltronieri
Also Known As:
Intent: This content ODP formalises the structure and the hierarchies of a music score/symbolic representation system.
Competency Questions:
  • What is the instrument playing a specific score part?
  • How many voices does the score part have?
  • Which are the metrics defining the sections of the score part?
Solution description:
Reusable OWL Building Block: (221)
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The Scorepart Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class Part (owl:Class) A part of a a score notation or a symbolic notation assigned to a specific instrument.
Part page
Class Section (owl:Class) A group of notes that share the same metric and clef.
Section page
Class Instrument (owl:Class) Any of various devices or contrivances that can be used to produce musical tones or sound. Any taxonomy can be used to subsume this concept. The default one is one extracted by Ivan Herman from the Musicbrainz instrument taxonomy, conforming to SKOS. This concept holds a seeAlso link towards this taxonomy.
Instrument page
Class Voice (owl:Class) One of several parts that can be performed within the same staff (e.g. alto and soprano).
Voice page
Class HomogeneousFragment (owl:Class) A group of notes that share the same metric and clef.
HomogeneousFragment page
DatatypeProperty hasMidiProgram (owl:DatatypeProperty) The instrument playing a specific part expressed by a MIDI program.
hasMidiProgram page
DatatypeProperty hasStaff (owl:DatatypeProperty) The staff assigned to a specific instrument part in a music score.
hasStaff page
DatatypeProperty hasClef (owl:DatatypeProperty) The clef that describes the hight of a note in a music score.
hasClef page
DatatypeProperty hasTempo (owl:DatatypeProperty) The tempo of an homogeneous fragment, expressed in bpm (integer).
hasTempo page
DatatypeProperty hasMetric (owl:DatatypeProperty) The metric of a specific section of a music score.
hasMetric page
ObjectProperty isPlayedBy (owl:ObjectProperty) Connects the part of the score/symbolic notation to the instrument that is assigned to play such part.
isPlayedBy page
ObjectProperty hasVoice (owl:ObjectProperty) Connects the part of the score/symbolic notation to its constituing sections.
hasVoice page
ObjectProperty hasSection (owl:ObjectProperty) Connects the part of the score/symbolic notation to its constituing sections.
hasSection page
ObjectProperty hasFragment (owl:ObjectProperty) Connects the part of the score/symbolic notation to its constituing sections.
hasFragment page
ObjectProperty isFragmentOf (owl:ObjectProperty) Inverse of hasFragment
isFragmentOf page
ObjectProperty isSectionOf (owl:ObjectProperty) Inverse of hasSection. Connects the section of the score/symbolic notation to the belongng part.
isSectionOf page
ObjectProperty isVoiceOf (owl:ObjectProperty) Inverse of hasVoice. Connects the voice of the score/symbolic notation to the belonging part.
isVoiceOf page
ObjectProperty playsPart (owl:ObjectProperty) Inverse of isPlayedBy. Connects an instrument to the the part that the instrument plays.
playsPart page

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The Score Part pattern models the structure and the hierarchies of a music score. In this module are used as template the following Ontology Design Patterns:

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