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Context has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of TestPattern


Name: Context

Type: owl:Class

Description: Any context for semiotic entities, e.g.:

- a situation (the circumstantial context of denoted entities)

- a paradigm (the cultural context of expressed Meaning(s))

- a co-text (the informational context of Expression(s))

- a frame or relation (the relational context of Meaning(s))

- a community (the social context of conceptualizing Agent(s))

- a place (the spatial context of denoted entities)

Notice that certain contexts can be given independently from the entities that are contextualized,

while others need a core entity and a rule to build its neighborhood. For example, a scientific theory is a Meaning that works as a context for its concepts, and can be given independently from those concepts, which can remain implicit to a certain extent.

On the contrary, a cotext is actually a neighborhood of a certain chunk of text, which can be built based on a syntagmatic rule (all words from the sentence where the chunk occurs), an associative rule (all terms that are related to the chunk across the texts of a corpus,

given a certain statistical threshold), etc.

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