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Schema Re-engineering Ontology Design Patterns (Schema Re-engineering OPs)
Schema reengineering patterns are rules for transforming from a model in one formalism to another.


Schema reengineering patterns are rules for transforming, e.g. a non-OWL DL metamodel into an OWL DL ontology. For example, consider the use of SKOS for Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) reengineering to a knowledge base (an OWL ABox), based-on the SKOS TBox. Transformation Logical OPs are a kind of schema reengineering patterns. In principle, all modeling problems can be represented as higher-order logical expressions, and if we have to represent them e.g. in OWL DL, we implicitly apply a schema reengineering pattern in order to stay within the expressivity of OWL DL. However, we also (pragmatically) distinguish between transformation and schema reengineering patterns because of the different intention of the designer. In the first case, the designer wants to directly represent a modeling solution in a certain representation formalism, e.g. OWL DL, while in the second case the designer wants to reengineer, e.g. an existing non-OWL DL model into an OWL DL ontology.

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