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CatherineRoussey about ExperimentalParadigmData (Revision ID: 14460)

Overall suggestion (score): 0 - needs major revision

Review Summary: The ODP presents the role of entities in experiment study. This ODP is linked to the SOSA ODP (in the sosa ontology) and the I-adopt ODP (in the RDA I ADOPT data model about variable description).

The role of entity should be presented as subClass of Entity class. a variable is a kind of observable property of the entity that play the role of experimental subject. The link between the instrument and each observable property is not specified, neither the link between the instrument and the output. It is not possible to find for each output what is the observable property and the acquisition instrument.

The experiment has several type of outputs, that could be a single measure ( like SOSA observation) or a file with a set of measurements or another type of files that need extra analyse to identify the observable property of the entity ( a video that should be analysed).

Metadata is ambiguous and should be clarified: authors ( an agent role of the experiment)
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Posted: 2023-04-24 Last modified: 2023/4/24

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