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Name: Parts and collections
Description: (Wikipedia) The concept of part is not easy to define though it is intimately connected to the concept whole. For the formal study of the parthood relation, see mereology.

For example:

  • In mathematics, a part (mathematics) is any geometric object such as a point, line, arc, circle, polygon, polyhedron, or polytope that can be joined together to form a whole.
  • In engineering, a part is a component used in a higher-level mechanical or electrical assembly. Examples of parts are screws, transistors and other electronic components, a specially shaped piece of metal required by the mechanism of a specific model of video cassette recorder, and a myriad other examples. Parts required to replace broken parts in existing equipment are called spare parts or just spares.
  • In fashion, the part or parting of a person's hair is the watershed line at which the hair is divided (often with a comb), and forms part of their hairstyle. Some people part their hair in the middle (a center part, following the natural part of the hair), and some part their hair at one side or the other.
  • In preparing mixtures, it is customary to specify an undefined amount of a mixture in either parts or percentages. For example the cocktail known as a Martini is described as being made with 5 parts of gin to 1 of vermouth. This terminology can also be used in relation to cement and recipes.

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