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Pattern Based Ontology Transformation

Title: Pattern Based Ontology Transformation

Description: Pattern based ontology transformation, I think it can be considered as reengineering pattern, where we have source ontology A, target ontology B and an ontology pattern P. Each time P is met in A we do the required transformation. For example if the pattern was (this is informally written): "replace each two equivalent classes with a single one". We will search in A for each match(i.e. two equivalent classes) and replace them with one class in B. patterns are expressed using SPARQL. I need this pattern for the following reason: I was wondering if cardinalities in ontology can be included in a pattern. Actually I'm on an issue that uses ontology as conceptual formalization of relational data sources and I want to apply some transformations to handle some situations (e.g transform many-to-many to another type) on the conceptual model, which needs handling the cardinalities in the ontology. Is this topic covered somewhere in some design pattern?

Thanks in advance

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