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Sex (of those who are not angels)

Title: Sex (of those who are not angels)

Description: Sex, or more properly genre, can be used to separate a species into two disjoint subsets: male and female. The two properties (in the sense of DOLCE) are rigid (by nature at list). So it seems to make sense to model the genre of a species, human for example, as two subproperties (subclasses) of dul:NaturalPerson: Woman and Man. An other approach could be tu create a :Genre as a quality and then two qualia :Male and :Female. The :Genre dul:isQualityOf dul:NaturalPerson while :Male and :Female should be values available for :Genre. The problem with this approach is that DUL doesn't have Quale as property and there is not a relation between a dul:Quality and some other entity that could be a quale. In DOLCE a dol:quality and a dol:quale could be linked through the dol:hasQuale relation.

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