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The Problem

There is an enormous ton of content about ontology modeling issues in discussion list archives, but:

  1. there is no agreed place to go to find out about modeling issues, so it is hard to find what you need;
  2. the same issues get discussed over and over on different lists;
  3. one discussion thread may interleave two or more distinct issues that are never teased out;
  4. if you do find a relevant thread;
    1. the content is raw and hard to digest;
    2. the summary you want is ofter not there, or is hard to find;
  5. it is often easier just to ask the question again, and the cycle continues.

A Solution

We have created the ontology modeling issues section in the ODP Wiki to address these problems. We envision the following steps in the evolution of a modeling issue:

  1. Lively discussion happens on some mailing list.
  2. Post a summary to the list of the key points raised, including the pros and cons of proposed solutions.
  3. Post a modeling issue on the ODP Wiki (based on that summary).
  4. Post a note to any relevant discussion lists inviting them to contribute to the Wiki.
  5. Discuss and refine the issue further in the ODP Wiki
  6. Post major updates back to relevant discussion lists.

OR, start with step 3, and post the modeling issue directly on the ODP Wiki.

To Contribute:

  1. Visit Ontology Design Patterns Wiki
  2. If you need a login and password, click the "How to register" link at lower left of the page.
  3. Visit the "Ontology Modeling Issues" page for further information, examples and instructions.
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