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Element Names

Title: Names for Title, tab, < h1 > and navigation menu

Description: All the pages have to follow the same naming convention. For example “Reviews”, “Catalogue”, and “Feedback” are included in the page title, the first tab in the page and in the HTML tag < h1 > with its name in the “navigation” menu. However, this does not happen with “Modelling Issues”, “Proposed Content Op” and “Domains”. In the case of “Modelling Issues” and “Domains” the fields above mentioned take the name “Community” and in the “Proposed Content Op” case the new name is "submissions". In addition in the main page there is an area named “Content and Functionalities” in which the navigation menu item “Modelling Issues” is called “Community”

Element Names
Authors MariaPoveda
Priority Low
Status fixed

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