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On Modeling Issues

Title: How are Modeling Issues connected to ODP's?

Description: Are modeling issues connected to ODP's in any ways? Will the site maintainers try to come up with new ODP's that solve these modeling issues?

It would be nice to make the eventual connection between modeling issues and ODP's that could solve them visible.

On Modeling Issues
Authors MartaSabou
Priority Medium
Status fixed

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Answer Good point. The idea however is that the help to solve issues should come from the community, (including the ODP maintainers but not only them). For example, I might find that a pattern already present in ODP can be of help for a certain issue and provide a link with some comment to the user who posted the issue in the discussio page. Alternatively, someone might want to propose a solution used in some project with similar requirements and maybe post it as a proposed CP in ODP. The modeling issues discussion is thought to be open to the whole community. If you see any possible feature that might improve the effectiveness of the discussion please suggest it. Valentina

Answer A connection between modeling issues, domains and pattern has been added.


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