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Required fields

Title: Required fields

Description: It is a good practice in terms of designing web pages to indicate which fields are required with a * in all forms, for example at Add Content OP Proposal Form. Besides, I proposed to change the error message when a user doesn’t fill a required field because sometimes it is not clear if the required field is that following or preceding the alert, for example when a users doesn’t fill the field “intend” in a proposed CP the message error appear between “intend” and “domain”.

Required fields
Authors MariaPoveda
Priority Low
Status fixed

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Answer I agree with this issue. The way the systems manage the mandatory fields of the form is probably not the best solution. Other problem with forms are the dimensions of the lists, of example for the fields like 'authors', above in this form... that could become too large when number of users would increase.

This and others 'usability' problems are taken in account, and we are dealing with for better solutions. Enrico

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