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Tests and Examples

Testing my watchlist

this text was added to make the page change so I can test if the system  sends me an e-mail now that is changed

Testing www and non-www url

These two links are equivalent: with www , without www

Testing UrlGetParameter extension


Try adding param=value to the current URL.

Value is: no param

Testing RightFunctions extension

{{#switchright:right1=result1|right2|right3=result2 and 3|right4=result4|default (or #default=default if the default text contains =)}}
{{#userrights:}} (for current user) or {{#userrights:user}}
'''Warning!''' do not use it.
{{#usergroup:}} (for current user) or {{#usergroup:user}}
 {{#ifgroup:group|then|else}} (for current user) or {{#ifgroup:group|then|else|user}} (for other users)
{{#switchgroup:group1=result1|group2|group3=result2 and 3|group4=result4|default (or #default=default if the default text contains =)}}
{{#ifpageright:right|then|else|page}} for testing other pages or {{#ifpageright:right|then|else}} for testing the current page.
{{#ifpageallowed:user|right|then|else|page}} for testing other pages or {{#ifpageallowed:user|right|then|else}} for testing the current page.
{{#ifprotected:then|else|page}} for testing other pages, or {{#ifprotected:then|else}} for testing the current page or (for example) {{#ifprotected:then|else|page|fns}} for testing only certain types of protection.
{{#getrestrictions:right|page}} for testing other pages, or {{#getrestrictions:right}} for testing the current page or {{#getrestrictions:right|page|true}} for listing all restrictions instead of just the highest one.

Testing ImageMap extension

Details about this extension can be found here.

ImageMap extension is installed. BUT IT DOES NOT WORK ALREADY

DisplayKeyboardFoo type AFoo type B
picture of a fooAbout this image

Testing Variables extension

Details about this extension can be found here


{{#vardefine:A|value of A}}
Value of A is '''{{#var:A}}''' and value of B is '''{{#var:B}}'''


Value of A is value of A and value of B is 1000

Testing template Definition

Title of definition
Of example:
  • bullett list of
  • items

We test if the second paramenter of the template allows use of wikitext.

Testing smw ask query for tasks

Task page Type Priority
Tasks/Add Create Task option to Task Toolbar Improvement Medium
Tasks/Add RecommendedBy property for exemplary ontologies Improvement High
Tasks/Add argument to simple toolbar Improvement Low
Tasks/Add related pattern column to modeling issues table Improvement Medium
Tasks/Bug in the account administration procedure Bugfix High
Tasks/Comments Improvement High
Tasks/Create new domain not recognize existing domain Bugfix High
Tasks/Editorial Board Group Improvement High
Tasks/Exemplary ontologies for a domain Improvement Medium
Tasks/Indent text a bit in Info Tip Template Bugfix Low
Tasks/InfoTip broken for URI field Bugfix Medium
Tasks/List of Modeling Issues has extra tables Bugfix Medium
Tasks/Mail features Improvement Medium
Tasks/Make it easy to add images to Modeling Issues Improvement Low
Tasks/Modelling Issue Form Autocomplete partly working only Bugfix Low
Tasks/Moving images from gif/jpeg to png/svg Improvement Low
Tasks/ODP original skin Improvement Low
Tasks/Ontology Form Text Bugfix Medium
Tasks/Overloaded property: RelatedCP Bugfix Medium
Tasks/Overloaded property: Title Bugfix Medium
Tasks/Rationalize two kinds of scenario Improvement Medium
Tasks/Readability of special pages Improvement High
Tasks/Red asterisks for mandatory fields Improvement Low
Tasks/Reference not attached to subject for Ontology:DOLCE+DnS Ultralite Bugfix High
Tasks/References for Exemplary Ontologies Improvement High
Tasks/References with multiple subjects Improvement Medium
Tasks/Remove owl code from Academic Role Modeling Issue Improvement Medium
Tasks/Replace SubmittedBy with RecommendedBy Improvement Low
Tasks/Review procedure Improvement High
Tasks/Rights for submitting new tasks Improvement High
Tasks/Showing related Modeling issues in Pattern pages Improvement High
Tasks/Training area Improvement High
Tasks/User name creation Bugfix High
Tasks/automatic upload of pattern proposals Improvement High
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