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First Face 2 Face meeting of odp Editorial Board


  • [10.00-11.00] Introduction to the web site, roles, tasks, procedures, and support for ODP editorial board members (Valentina)
  • [11.00-11.20] Coffee break
  • [11.20- 12.20] Questions and discussion
  • [12.20-13.00] Responsible person for ODP areas, plan (next 3 months) for bootstrapping ODP with Action Points
  • [13.00-14.30] Lunch
  • [14.30-15.00] Fix Review/Certification Procedure
  • [15.00-15.20] Dissemination activities - status and proposals (Valentina)
  • [15.20-16.20] Question and discussion with proposals
  • [16.20-16.50] Plan (next three months)
  • [16.50-17.00] Next (remote) meeting date
  • [20.00] Dinner


The meeting will be held at the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology, Piaget room (first floor).

Via San Martino della Battaglia 44, Rome



Hotel Villa delle Rose

  • Address: Via Vicenza 5
  • Phone: +39-06-4451795
  • Rates:
    • Single room: Euro 75,00
    • Double room: Euro 100,00
    • Breakfast included
  • Distance and Route: walking distance, 3 minutes

Hotel S. Marco

  • Address: Via Villafranca 1
  • Phone: +3906490437
  • Services:
    • Pay tv
    • Internet access
    • minibar
    • From 29.01.2009 to 15.03.2009 (free of charge)
  • Rates:
    • Single room : Euro 80
    • Double room single occupancy: Euro 90
    • Double room : Euro 99,00
  • Distance and route: 1 minute walking distance

Hotel Montecarlo

  • Address: Via Palestro 17/a
  • Phone: +39064460000
  • Rates:
    • Single room: Euro 70,00
    • Double room :Euro 90,00
  • Distance and route: 4 minutes walking distance


Hotel Artemide

  • Address: Via Nazionale 22
  • Phone: +3906489911
  • Services
    • Internet access
    • Mini-bar
    • Room service
    • Satellite TV
    • Free daily newspaper
  • Rates:
    • Single room: Euro 170,00
    • Double single use : Euro 170,00
    • Breakfast included
  • Distance and route: 10 minutes walking

Hotel Cosmopolita

  • Address: Via di Sant'Eufemia 5 (close to Piazza Venezia)
  • Phone: +390699707606
  • Services:
    • Internet access
    • Mini-bar
    • Direct phone
    • Satellite TV
    • Room service
  • Rates
    • Single room : Euro 120,00
    • Double room: Euro 130,00
    • Breakfast included

Web site: http://www.leonardihotels.com/Pace-Elvezia/index2.jsp

  • Distance and route: Take the bus 40 in Piazza Venezia and get off after three stops at Termini Station. From Termini walk for 5 minutes.

Hotel Pace Elvetia

  • Address: Via IV Novembre 104
  • Phone: +39066795105
  • Services:
    • Wi-Fi in the hall
    • Bar and Rooftop Terrace
    • Remote control satellite tv
    • Minibar
    • Direct-dial telephone
  • Rates:
    • Single room : Euro 80,00
    • Double room: Euro 100,00
    • Breakfast included
  • Distance and route: Take the bus 40 in Piazza Venezia and get off after three stops at Termini Station. From Termini just walk for 5 minutes.

Editorial Board member


Sunday dinner attendees

Monday dinner attendees

Process Modeling Pattern Seminar (attendees)


Valentina introduce: EB members (responsibilities on):

  • content of the web site
  • co-leading, share responsibility and tasks
  • dissemination activities

Things todo:

  • plan to integrate mailing-list & wiki
  • define workflows for each action
  • bootstrap web-site
  • define new content actions
  • area for good - 'beautiful' - ontologies (not patterns)
  • add new types of patterns: Logical, Correspondence,
  • Define responsible editors for:
    • each type of pattern: Logical, Correspondence, Content, Architectural, Re-engineering;
    • wrt Content Patterns, the most huge category, focused on specific domains. They need responsible editors for each domain(s);

Review/certification process:

  • Community;
  • Quality committee (distributed on kind of patterns and/or on kind of domain); (expert and authoritative reviewers, not to be charged too much of work but to be involved as light collaboration)
  • Certification: useful for trust/provenance issues

Presentations: - violeta: connections between patterns and business process modeling (content or re-engineering?) - gerd: process modeling - francois: correspondence patterns, patterns in ontology mapping - eva: content patterns modeling and use - rim: ontology evolution, change managements patterns (consistency check and maintenance), and e-business model content patterns - svojtek (remotely connected): pattern recognition of logical/structural elements in ontologies; patterns connect ontologies / legacy systems (databases); recognition of bad practices and refactoring procedures in ontologies.

Others candidates for the editorial board (not attending):

  • Mathieu D'Aquin ("beautiful ontologies")
  • Denny Vrandecic (logical patterns)
  • Tania Tudorache (Biomedical domain, workflows)
  • ... others?

We need responsibles for:

  1. rdf patters: - actually the portal hosts OWL/DL patterns, but RDF patterns are useful for some requirements of expressivity more that computational.
  2. datasets: building and provide datasets that use ontology design patterns (useful for benchmarking use...)
  3. usability-profiling, collecting good practices on annotation of patterns
  4. architectural, how to organize the shape of an ontology? Even if the ontology is modular, it has some architecture (maybe the same that takes care of logical ones)

Things to do next three months: - Definition of new area - Contribute in taking dissemination actions


  • put guidelines for forms specifications
  • put the list

valentina illustrates the definition of new type of patterns procedure (will be a wiki page for it)

(coffee break)

Procedure of proposing an improvement for the web site through the Development area

Valentina shows:

  • how to login to the testarea site
  • how to submit a new development task
    • Form definitions should have a description of the fields related to the semantic properties (field -> SemanticProperty):
      • SemanticProperty already exists: see List of Categories, List of properties
      • SemanticProperty doesn’t exist: to be created
        • Always defining a description for a property (it will be displayed as pop-up tool tips
        • Convention of naming SemanticProperty will be online
  • AP (enrico): add the name of the submitter in the list of tasks
  • (AP enrico) -> mailing list watching some pages (feedback, developments)
    • It will be soon notification service to EB when new user feedback through mailing list and also as a new submitted task (Always take aware about feedbacks, user feedbacks are useful for EB and could be promoted to task)
  • NOTE: Patterns could have relations between each others => to mention explicitly when created

Description of the reviewing process by the evaluation

  • AP: add autocompletion in the assign review special page;
  • NOTE: actually there is no mail notification, so we will start it on the second half of March; BUT if some EB member wants to start the process he can, has to notify personally the reviewer;
  • AP (Aldo, Valentina, Eva): define review schema for content patterns;
  • A pattern author can put a proposal without asking for a review (if not yet ready/mature for evaluation process) and improve it after
  • AP (enrico) fix a bug on the evaluation template for reviews;
  • A review must contain:
    • rationale justifications/explanations
    • recommendations for pattern improvement/correction
    • using SemanticProperties
  • AP (enrico): remove notification about old version relation in the review template; DONE
  • Rim propose the possibility to add comments to the Review by QC member (by the 'add comment' feature). Community people can use the Discussion page
    • (AP - enrico adds this feature);
  • AP (enrico) Add the rights for certification to the EB member(s)
  • Argumentation process (useful between reviewers and editors): Possibility of adding CICERO to the portal as an extension of semantic Wikimedia. We have to define and support argumentation process mechanisms for voting…
  • Propose of a New Area. Session: related to the reviews and to the article; possibility to add arguments about a reviewsession

Review-Certification process:

  • the author asks for review
    • notifications(beginning of march):
      • to the EB mailing list
      • to the author
    • Reviewer assignment (1 Week, will be checked if this amount of time is reasonable):
      • The EB member concerned asks (2-3) reviewers about their availability before assigning them.
      • Assignment based on quality member domain of expertise and the domain of the proposed pattern
      • AP (valentina) write an e-mail template for availability checking
      • AP - enrico add the isExpertOf property to the User template/form and a page for showing who is expert of what in the 'Domains' area
    • Review task (3 Weeks – 1 month)
      • EB member will supervise
      • Three review scores:
        • (--) : crap => to reject
        • (-) : major revision => reiterate
        • (+) : need minor revision to be enhanced (reviewers should give recommendations & corrections)
        • (++) : need few revision almost ready for certification
    • Argumentation Session (iterative process):
      • If (-): author correct and asks for a new review (the same reviewers will be assigned)
      • If (+)
      • In case of author disagreement (1 month discussion and fixing the final review decision):
        • Solicit author and reviewers to discuss considering the same evaluation criteria (! The review must consider the requirements of the creation of the pattern)
        • Assign other reviewers?
      • If (++): argumentation session should be faster for author to fix (1 day)
    • Certification Process (after author fix) (1 month)
  • Review schema form:
    • Eva proposes to add a decision information field for positive/negative review (indicating the review score)
      • AP - Enrico: a new property for Review schema, HasDecision on the status of the pattern in the proposal
    • Valentina proposes to add also a state of the submission field (reviewer assignment, review process, argumentation process, improvement process, certification process)
  • AP - Enrico manages difference between article automatic editing when 'minor edit' (no new revision) and when 'edit' (new revision: only on certify action!).
  • AP - Eva will review the review process, by testing it in the mirror site (/testarea)
  • AP - Rim: create a page in the wiki that describes the review process.


  • Overview of the Content OP pattern proposal Page and Form
  • Francois ask how to inherit annotation of a pattern from an owl file.
    • Valentina: there is an extension for it that works with the CP annotation schema, we can extend it for the Correspondence patterns.
  • Valentina propose to discuss the Correspondence form via the mailing list.
  • Discussion on the Annotation schema of the CP
    • Aldo propose to start from the Content Patterns schema, because the most of the property defined there can fix with other kinds of pattern too,
    • When defining forms for other types of patterns, some general annotations used for CP could be reused, other annotations have to be defined as specific to its kind of patterns,
    • Francois, Valentina found overlapping between actual CP schema and the correspondence pattern descriptions.
    • AP - Francois and Valentina will define a general metamodel for annotation schema of ontology design patterns ODP
    • Member who wants to import its own annotation model to describe a proposed pattern could map it to the metamodel
    • Svojtek present the issue of the relation between pattern definition and pattern formalization:
      • diagram is labelled as diagram of the pattern and not diagram of the OWL formalization. He proposes to put the second.
      • Valentina agrees to clarify this relation, and adds that we are now addressing the ODP in the context of the Semantic Web
      • Enrico propose to add more implementations of a pattern, also software blocks (java classes for CP...);
      • Eva also noticed that the description of the objects are independents from the OWL language;
      • Decision token: finally the portal is on semantic web ODPs, and rdf/owl are the w3c standards for it. Anyway is important to support the most used languages;

Valentina illustrates the patterns' different types

Discussion about lexical issues on ODP taxonomy:

  • (Valentina, Francois... others) changing the MappingOP type in the AlignmentOP and the relation with the Correspondence type (are they related? How?). Probably the Mapping term in the francois ontology corresponds with an Alignment in the ODP taxonomy. Mapping, finally is ambiguous term so it becomes Alignment
  • Rim: evolution patterns can be intended as change management patterns and versioning patterns
    • Valentina: we should be careful is to add elements in the ODP conceptualization by adding relations with other patterns


  • Alignment patterns -> Francois
  • Change managemenet patterns -> Rim
  • Content OP -> Eva
  • Process modeling patterns (re-engineering, modeling/content) -> Violeta, Gerd
    • Content OP in the domain of business process management (BPM)
  • Re-engineering patterns -> ?
  • Linguistic patterns -> Wim Peters


  • Reviewing process:
    • half of march for external user(s)
    • 5th March the e-mail notification activation...
  • New pattern definition: 7th March


  • Valentina summarize things done until now to disseminate ODP portal, and proposes
    • A bulletin of the ODP initiative (a journal), a scientific publication related to the pattern propositions (best three certified patterns) (each six months/one year)
    • Event: competition or Vocamp about the portal
    • An Open source project
    • AP (enrico,all) setup a page readable only by editorial member where everybody can put mailing lists
    • Proposition of a pattern camp (similar as Vocamps)
    • Workshops on ODPs (involving also authors of the proposals)
    • AP (all) should post
    • Communication from the portal for inviting and involving different communities: How to formulate => AP (all) prepare e-mail template for inviting people to the ODP community (via the mailing list)
    • Which could be an alternative for the pattern visualization. Actually the portal ask for a generic image, but we are looking to a good tool for render automatically a diagram from the pattern definition.
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