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Tasks/Namespace for Modeling Issues

Title: Namespace for Modeling Issues

Description: Currently, the Modeling Issues are all in the Community namespace, however it is necessary to manually enter the prefix "Community:" to get them there. This should be done automatically. I usually forget and then have to do a move.

  • Priority: Medium

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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1-03-2010 EnricoDaga says:

This, probably, is a BUG (I have changed the Type of this task).

I have tryed to create a new modeling issue from PostModelingIssue and seems to work properly (the form page has title : Add Modeling Issue Form: Community:A new modeling issue (form titles should be better...). Anyway, the second part is the name of the page is going to created by the form, and it is correct.

Can you detail more your workflow?

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