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Tasks/RDF tools

Title: RDF exporting

Description: Developing facilities or extensions for exporting RDF data

  • Type: Improvement
  • Posted by: EnricoDaga
  • Status: dealing with
  • Priority: Medium


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18-06-2008 EnricoDaga says:

We could implements something like an rdf toolbox for some kind of articles, of example we could make a link that will export:

  • the page of the pattern
  • the pages of its entities
  • the pages of the domain(s) related
  • the pages of the scenarios

And in the domain page:

  • the pages of the patterns related
26-02-2010 EnricoDaga says:

A first experiment has been setup at this page: RDF.

Exported RDF should be now reviewd to see if it fits our expectation.

Alignments with external vocabularies should also be setup (eg, FOAF, SKOS, C-ODO, OMV...?)

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