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Tasks/References with multiple subjects

Title: References with multiple subjects

Description: There should be an easy to have a single reference be associated with more than one subject. Now, I can only think to create an identical copy.

  • Priority: Medium

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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9-03-2010 EnricoDaga says:

There is no a simple way to share the same reference instance (page) by multiple subjects. If we make this, we loose other useful functionalities, for example the direct link for adding a new reference of the same subject. Additionally, different subjects can share the same reference for different reasons. The concept is to have an n-ary relation, so the reference is not the 'object' of the reference but represents the relation as instance. The solution to the problem of reuse of existing references is the 'cloning'. Now references can be reused through the Odp:Add_reference page. The user can decide if he wants to preload data from existing references or create a new one.

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