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Tasks/To complete information in property pages

Title: To complete information in property pages

Description: The portal supports now different kind of patterns. For each pattern a list of properties has been created, all related to a top-level list of properties. Also detailed description of properties must added to be used in form's fields descriptions.

  • Type: Improvement
  • Posted by: EnricoDaga
  • Status: dealing with
  • Priority: High

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9-07-2009 EnricoDaga says:

Each property used in a pattern template must have:

  • an annotation that relate it to its ancestor
  • a description to be used to be embedded in forms as help for the user in data entry operations and for describing the meaning and expected usage of each property.

Both this information should be added in the following form:

<includeonly>'''{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}''': </includeonly> <<description of the property and usage...>>

This is a property of type <noinclude>[[Has type::<<TYPE>> | ]]</noinclude> <<TYPELINK>>

This property is a subproperty of <noinclude>[[Subpropertyof::Property:<<PROPERTY>>| ]]</noinclude> <<PROPERTYLINK>>

For example, in the alignment pattern, Property:AlignmentODPAlsoKnownAs is a subproperty of Property:AlsoKnownAs. The complete list for each pattern definition and the brief description of the information canbe found here. This must be checked for all actually existing properties!

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