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Tasks/Tutorial submission form

Title: Tutorial submission form

Description: Creation of a Form for submitting tutorials. The idea is to have a page where tutorials are referenced. Every tutorial will have a descriptive page within ODP that can be filled by means of this form. The form will contain at least the following field:

  • Name of the tutorial
  • Author(s) of the tutorial
  • Goal of the tutorial
  • Brief Tutorial Description
  • Material (typically pdf files containing slides)
    • this field can be filled in either with URL pointing to an external resource or with a file name previously uploaded to ODP.
    • for each file (document) a brief description must be included, therefore, this field should probably be handled as a subpage (similarly to ontology elements for CPs)
  • Exercises
    • this is a subpage (with no page inclusion), containing exercises and solutions related to the tutorial.

  • Priority: High

Sub-tasks: This task has no sub-tasks

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