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Ontology Overview

Name: CGI Simple Lithology 201001
Description: OWL ontology for categorization of rock types. 265 class definitions intended to cover gamut of naturally occuring rock and unconsolidated Earth Material. Derived from CGI SKOS vocabulary.
Purpose: Categorization of rocks, logical check of CGI SimpleLithology 201001 SKOS vocabulary
Organization(s): Concept Definition TG, Interoperability WG, IUGS CGI
Author(s): Stephen M Richard, Clinton Smyth
Justification Working example of a scientific ontology, demonstrates class definitions to build category hierarchy using Pellet reasoner.
Recommended by:
Submitted by: StephenRichard
Competency Questions: What are the subtypes of granite. Find all igneous rocks.
Domains: Geology
Known issues:

https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/CGI_CDTGVocabulary/trunk/OwlWork/CGI_Lithology.owl (0)

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Long Description

OWL ontology for categorization of rock types. Class definitions derived from CGI SKOS vocabulary at https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/CGI_CDTGVocabulary/tags/SKOSVocabularies/SimpleLithology201001.rdf URI to identify ontology is urn:cgi:classifierScheme:CGI:LithologyOWL:201001

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