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Ontology Overview

Name: COMM - Core ontology for Multimedia Annotation
Description: A core ontology for multimedia providing a comprehensive capability to annotate non-textual media. It was built by re-engineering and formalizing MPEG-7, the current defacto standard for multimedia annotation.
Purpose: To increase the interoperability of applications producing and consuming multimedia annotations.
Organization(s): University of Koblenz-Landau, CWI
Author(s): Richard Arndt, Rapha¨el Troncy, Steffen Staab, Lynda Hardman
Justification Requirements are well spelled out, e.g. MPEG-7 compliance, interoperability, separation of concerns, modularity and extensibility. This ontology builds on existing foundational ontologies (DOLCE) and is divided up into modules. It is also very thorough covering a substantial domain with great care.
Recommended by: MichaelUschold, AldoGangemi
Submitted by: MichaelUschold
Competency Questions:
Domains: Multimedia
Known issues:

http://multimedia.semanticweb.org/COMM/multimedia-ontology.owl (1203)

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Long Description

In order to retrieve and reuse non-textual media, media annotations must explain how a media object is composed of its parts and what the parts represent. Annotations need to link to background knowledge found in existing knowledge sources and to the creation and use of the media object. The representation and understanding of such facets of the media semantics is made possible through a formal language and a corresponding ontology. COMM is based on a careful analysis of the requirements underlying the semantic representation of media objects. It goes beyond the capabilities of most semantic multimedia ontologies. COMM was built by re-engineering MPEG-7. It leverages components from the DOLCE foundational ontology to support conceptual clarity and soundness as well as extensibility towards new annotation requirements.

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