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Ontology Overview

Name: Counter Ontology
Description: The Counter Ontology specification provides basic concepts and properties for describing a general counter concept and some important sub counters, e.g. an event counter, on/ for the Semantic Web.
Purpose: To describe counters of all kinds and events that are related to a specific counter.
Author(s): Yves Raimond, Mats Skillingstad, Bob Ferris
Justification The Counter Ontology is a generalisation of the Playcount Ontology from Yves Raimond.
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Submitted by: BobFerris
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Domains: Knowledge engineering
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http://purl.org/ontology/co/core (1398)

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Long Description

The Counter Ontology includes a general multiple purpose counter concept. This concept could be uses to associate any concept to a co:Counter instance(s) with the property co:counter or a specific sub property of it. The second property of co:Counter is co:count, which is a simple xsd:integer based datatype property. That means you could use this concept for things like for example play counter, skip counter or website hit counter. Furthermore, this ontology includes already a predefined property to associate event specific ( event:Event) counter to its related events (co:event_counter,), e.g. a co:ScrobbleEvent to scrobble something. This enables the opportunity to trace back all related events, which are responsible for a specific count. Of course, this is also possible with all other concepts ;)

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