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Ontology Overview

Name: Event Model F
Description: Formal model of events
Purpose: Interoperability in distributed event-based systems
Organization(s): University of KoblenzLandau
Author(s): Ansgar Scherp, Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff, Steffen Staab
Justification Build from existing foundational ontologies. Requirements are carefully spelled out, that derive from one or more scenarios.
Recommended by: MichaelUschold
Submitted by: MichaelUschold
Competency Questions: Who or what participated in this event?, What other events caused this event?
Domains: Upper Ontology
Scenario: Emergency response
Known issues:

http://events.semantic-multimedia.org/ontology/2008/12/15/model.owl (1792)

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Long Description

Event-Model-F is a formal model of events designed to facilitate interoperability in distributed event-based systems. The model is based on the foundational ontology DOLCE+DnS Ultralite (DUL) and provides comprehensive support to represent time and space, objects and persons, as well as mereological, causal, and correlative relationships between events. In addition, the Event-Model-F provides a fexible means for event composition, modeling event causality and event correlation, and representing di�erent interpretations of the same event. The Event-Model-F is developed following the pattern-oriented approach of DUL, is modularized in di�erent ontologies, and can be easily extended by domain speci�c ontologies.

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  • "F—A Model of Events based on the Foundational Ontology DOLCE+DnS Ultralite" by

Ansgar Scherp, Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff, and Steffen Staab Documentation | reference page

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