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Ontology Overview

Name: HCONEadminOnto
Description: a meta-ontology providing a schema for representing administrative entities/properties such as Contributor, Class, Ontology, version, number of classes, number of properties, keyword, category
Purpose: To allow the representation of administrative information in the context of HCOME-3O meta-ontology framework that implements HCOME ontology engineering methodology for the collaborative developing of evolving ontologies. It is interlinked with other two meta-ontologies for Argumentation and Evolution meta-information representation.
Organization(s): University of the Aegean, Ai-Lab
Author(s): George Vouros, KonstantinosKotis, Chalkiopoulos Christos
Justification Although other Administrative meta-ontologies have been also proposed, they are not part of an ontology framework that supports the collaborative development (and evaluation) of evolving ontologies.
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Submitted by: KonstantinosKotis
Competency Questions:
Domains: Ontology
Known issues:

http://icsd-ai.aegean.gr/metaOntologies/HCONEadminonto.owl (1086)

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  • Vouros, G., K. Kotis, C. Chalkiopoulos, and N. Lelli, "The HCOME-3O Framework for Supporting the Collaborative Engineering of Evolving Ontologies", ESOE 2007 International Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution, ISWC 2007, 00/2007 Paper | reference page
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