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Ontology Overview

Name: Info Service Ontology
Description: The Information Service Ontology Specification provides basic concepts and properties for describing different information services, e.g. Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, Freebase or Discogs, on/ for the Semantic Web.
Purpose: For describing, rating and categorizing information services of all kind.
Author(s): Bob Ferris
Justification There is a need to describe information services of all kind, not only semantic web information services.
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Submitted by: BobFerris
Competency Questions:
Domains: Knowledge engineering
Known issues:

http://purl.org/ontology/is/core (1407)

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Long Description

The Info Service Ontology consists of a basic is:InfoService concept (which could maybe related to prv:DataProvidingService, bibo:Collection, sioc:Space or void:Dataset instances) and some additional ones for describing such an information service (currently: is:InfoServiceQuality, is:InfoServiceType and is:InfoServiceContributorType – the specific individuals are currently only proof-of-concept examples).

The main hook re. specific websites from an information service is is:info_service, which associates an is:InfoService instance to e.g. a owl:Thing (or e.g. sub class of owl:Thing, e.g. foaf:Document) instance (e.g. a website link).

Furthermore, I defined some is:InfoService individuals, especially isi:musicbrainz (see the graphic above and code below) as proof-of-concept example. Therefore, I used also some category definitions from DBpedia (important is also the property is:main_subject for associating a main subject of an Information Service).

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