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Ontology Overview

Name: Media Value Chain Ontology
Description: ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010 - Information technology — Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) — Part 19: Media Value Chain Ontology. Final Committee Draft.
Purpose: Represent the value chain of the intellectual property.
Organization(s): MPEG
Author(s): ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11.
Justification This ontology may become a reference given its International Standard nature.
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Submitted by: VictorRodriguezDoncel
Competency Questions: Who is the rights holder of this intellectual property protected work?

If this is a derived, work... where does it derive from? Which kind of intellectual property has this object? Which role plays this person respecting this intellectual property protected object?

Domains: Multimedia, Intellectual Property
Scenario: Digital Rights Management platforms, Content distribution systems, MPEG-21 middleware
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http://purl.oclc.org/NET/mvco.owl (1392)

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Long Description

ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010, MPEG Media Value Chain Ontology (MVCO) is an ontology formalizing the media value chain within the framework of ISO/IEC 21000.

ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010 understands a media value chain as the process by which a work is conceived, represented, performed, fixated, distributed, or broadcast, and lastly consumed; acknowledging that different chains exist for different works, going through different transformations, being distributed through different channels and being consumed in different manners. The MVCO captures a base model for those different value chains, focusing on the processes relevant to intellectual property.

The ontology represents a minimum necessary model common to most markets and jurisdictions reflected in for example, World International Intellectual Property Organization treaties and in regards to any minor differences between different legislations the MVCO is neutral.

ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010 declares a normative OWL 1.0 ontology RDF/XML syntax to be used by MVCO enabled applications. MVCO enabled applications can derive software modules within the ISO/IEC 21000 framework based on this common model, handling ontology classes and instances, answering advanced queries and making use of the semantic power of the OWL language. MVCO enabled applications can import the MVCO ontology in extended ontologies adapted to the particular needs of the standard user while granting the logical consistency with the core model and facilitating the operation with third party applications.

ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010 includes the definition of an API to facilitate the implementation of MVCO enabled applications, and provides examples of use in practical scenarios.

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