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Ontology Overview

Name: OntoClean Meta-Property Ontology
Description: An OWL version of the OntoClean (meta) Ontology of Properties
Purpose: To express the constraints of the OntoClean ontology as OWL axioms.
Organization(s): LOA-CNR
Author(s): Chris Welty, Nicola Guarino
Justification OntoClean was one of the first (if not the first) formal tools for ontological analysis, which was intended to clarify the different types of taxonomic structures typically seen in ontologies. The most common OntoClean distinction is rigidity. See http://semanticweb.org/wiki/OntoClean
Recommended by: Chris Welty
Submitted by: ChrisWelty
Competency Questions: Are the different uses of the subclass relation used consistently?
Known issues:

http://www.ontoclean.org/ontoclean-dl-v1.owl (1234)

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Long Description

The axiomitization of OntoClean in S5 modal logic entails certain constraints between classes in a taxonomy. These constraints are well within the expressive power of OWL, given the ability to view the *classes* as an "abox" and declare their metaproperties using the rdf:type relation. One very simple way to accomplish this, is to take the OWL version of an ontology, and in a text editor replace owl:class with "http://www.ontoclean.org/ontoclean-dl-v1.owl#Class", and import this ontology. Then add the rdf:type relations to indicate which classes are rigid, dependent, etc. Any OWL reasoner will be able to find inconsistencies in the taxonomy as a result.

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