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Ontology Overview

Name: Weighting Ontology
Description: The Weighting Ontology specification provides a vocabulary for describing weightings and their referenced scales, on/ for the Semantic Web.
Purpose: To have a concept to describe weights not only with a value.
Author(s): Bob Ferris
Justification The Weighting Ontology includes a multiple purpose weighting concept on top of Statistical Core Vocabulary.
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Submitted by: BobFerris
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http://purl.org/ontology/wo/core (1245)

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Long Description

The Weighting Ontology includes a general multiple purpose weight concept. This concept can be used to associate any concept to a wo:Weight instance(s) with the property wo:weight. The second property of wo:Weight is wo:weight_value, which is a simple xsd:decimal based datatype property to associate the numeric value of the weighting. Furthermore, this ontology includes a wo:Scale, which is modeled as a sub class of scovo:Dimension to relate it to its specified scovo:Item based concept (wo:Weight) via wo:scale. To define the range of this scale the properties wo:min_weight and wo:min_weight can be used. These are sub properties of the related minimum and maximum properties of the Statistical Core Vocabulary (scovo:min and scovo:max) and the Review Vocabulary (rev:minRating and rev:maxRating). Finally one can define a step size (wo:step_size) for the weighting scales.

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