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Class by attribute value +The scope of a class in one ontology is narrower than the scope of a class in the other ontology. Both scopes can be matched by restricting one class to those instances having a particular value for a certain property.


Spatial Graph Adapter Pattern (moved to Content ODPs) +After several iterations of studying build After several iterations of studying building industry data standards (in particular, GBXML, IFC, and CityGML), we began to map not only terms between them, but also conceptual level indicators. First we capture the main spatial arrangement of geometric elements which are extracted automatically from a spatial instance file. Secondly, the SGA pattern allows us to contextualize additional relationships to capture schema-specific ideas to ultimately be able to ask all the data questions simultaneously. We do acknowledge that in several cases there could be benefits to aligning it with other mereotopological or SIO pattern concepts, but these have not been necessary thus far. ut these have not been necessary thus far.
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