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Allows value is a special property with a built-in meaning: it lists one permissible value for a property.

You can use this special property with a property of any datatype to limit its possible values. For example, the page for a Problem severity property might contain:

 [[allows value::Enhancement]],[[allows value::Trivial]],[[allows value::Minor]],
 [[allows value::Normal]],[[allows value::Major]],[[allows value::Critical]]

More information here.

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DevelopmentTaskType +Improvement  +, Bugfix  +


ElementType +owl:Class  +, owl:ObjectProperty  +, owl:DatatypeProperty  +
EventSubmissionStatus +In time  +, Expired  +


Gender +Female  +, Male  +


HasDecision +-1 - reject  +, 0 - needs major revision  +, 1 - needs minor revision  +,
HasReviewScore +-1 - reject  +, 0 - needs major revision  +, 1 - needs minor revision  +,
HowDidYouKnowAbout +conference/public events  +, friends  +, colleagues  +,


Lexico-SyntacticODPCorrespondance +one LSP to one ODP  +, one LSP to pair-wise disjoint ODPs  +, one LSP to the combination of several ODPs  +
LivesIn + Afghanistan (AF)  +, Islands Åland Islands (AX)  +, Albania (AL)  +,


PossibleMainContributionToOdp +To have some help to solve modeling problems  +, To help other users to solve modeling problems  +
Priority +High  +, Medium  +, Low  +


Role +Student  +, PhD Student  +, Researcher  +,


Status +To be done  +, dealing with  +, fixed  +,


WorksInOrganizationType +Educational Training and Research Institution  +, Governmental Organization  +, Intergovernmental Organization  +,
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