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Choosing users and domains +The list of possible values, in most of the cited cases, can be huge. In such fields as been enabled 'autocompletion', so page names are suggested to the user during compilation. [[User:EnricoDaga|EnricoDaga]] 10:22, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
Create a domain is not possible +In the first solution we wanted the user t In the first solution we wanted the user to create a page for a Domain mandatorily ''before'' declaring it in the forms - both for Modeling Issues, Proposals and so on. the difference between the two forms was a mistake. In fact is important that the portal have a page for each domain, if other objects make references to it. But finally we can leave users to decide when to create it, without forcing them to do it before. So, now, the user can type the value(s) directly in an input box, separated by a comma. The system will suggest the user while typing for a Domain already present in Odp by autocompletion. [[User:EnricoDaga|Enrico]] utocompletion. [[User:EnricoDaga|Enrico]]


Definition of ontology elements +This is a known behaviour of Semantic Forms extension. There is no real solution to that yet. Is possible to fix it disabling caching pages of Media wiki. So, caching pages was disabled in all the wiki.


Error in links +There was a typo in the source code.


Gender not mandatory +Gender is not a mandatory field, the form has been changed properly


Imporvements to main page +we decided to install an extension: the ImageMap extension. It will allow us to use graphical images and link their parts to wiki pages. The next version of the main page will be graphical. [[User:ValentinaPresutti| Valentina Presutti]]
Improving feedback mechanism +The Feedback Form definition had an incorrect behaviour caused by a misconfiguration. The result of that was the 'save' button hidden in the 'add answer' module. This problem is now fixed.


Logo +A [[:Image:ODP_Logo_LEGO_Bricks_155.png|new original logo]] for has been created (by [[User:GianlucaTroiani]]). Many thanks to everybody for the nice suggestions!


Meaningful links +Thanks.
Modifying a proposed reengineering pattern +Please ignore my complaint about the lack of incremental editing facilities, I have found out now that this is working perfectly. Appology, spoke too soon.


Number of downloads for a Content OP +The extension [ Click counter] is now used for this task in ODP portal. Thank you!


On Modeling Issues +Good point. The idea however is that the h Good point. The idea however is that the help to solve issues should come from the community, (including the ODP maintainers but not only them). For example, I might find that a pattern already present in ODP can be of help for a certain issue and provide a link with some comment to the user who posted the issue in the discussio page. Alternatively, someone might want to propose a solution used in some project with similar requirements and maybe post it as a proposed CP in ODP. The modeling issues discussion is thought to be open to the whole community. If you see any possible feature that might improve the effectiveness of the discussion please suggest it. [[USer:ValentinaPresutti| Valentina]] it. [[USer:ValentinaPresutti| Valentina]], A connection between modeling issues, domains and pattern has been added. [[User:EnricoDaga|enrico]]


Picture file formats +Good point. Unfortunatly, file type valid Good point. Unfortunatly, file type validation is not technically supported at this time. What we can do now is to suggest to the user to provide a file type that can be emnbedded in the page. [[User:EnricoDaga|EnricoDaga]] 10:25, 26 February 2010 (UTC) EnricoDaga]] 10:25, 26 February 2010 (UTC)


Required fields +I agree with this issue. The way the syste I agree with this issue. The way the systems manage the mandatory fields of the form is probably not the best solution. Other problem with forms are the dimensions of the lists, of example for the fields like 'authors', above in this form... that could become too large when number of users would increase. This and others 'usability' problems are taken in account, and we are dealing with for better solutions. [[User:EnricoDaga|Enrico]] ter solutions. [[User:EnricoDaga|Enrico]]


Special pages visibility +All odp users can now read Categories and Properties, while they can't create new ones, or modifying them.
Spelling error on tab +Thank you [[User:EnricoDaga|EnricoDaga]] 10:09, 26 February 2010 (UTC)


Templates definition functionality +Actually the namespace 'Templates' is clos Actually the namespace 'Templates' is closed to all users. It is possible to open it to registered users, and to allow them to create templates by the related Special page. At the same time the Administrators can prevent editing of some templates using the 'protect' page function of Media wiki. the 'protect' page function of Media wiki.
Tip for entering new submissions +Two hints have been added. See [[Submissions:ProposeCP| Propose CP page]].


Upload owl files +OWL file upload has been enabled. Anyway OWL file upload has been enabled. Anyway this should only be done in extreme cases (examples, attachments to an article). The ODP policy for pattern proposals (that are encoded in OWL, eg. COntentODPs), requires the ontology to be reachable on the web, i.e. to have a referencable URI. [[User:EnricoDaga|EnricoDaga]] 10:19, 26 February 2010 (UTC) EnricoDaga]] 10:19, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
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