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SAREF4SYST +The following references can be used to ac The following references can be used to access or cite this work: * [ SAREF4SYST documentation and sources] * M. Lefrançois, SAREF4SYST: a SAREF Reference Ontology Pattern for Representing Systems and their Interconnections. In: WOP2023: 14th Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns, at the International Semantic Web Conference, November 06, 2023, Athens, Greece * R. García‐Castro, M. Lefrançois, M. Poveda‐Villalón, L. Daniele, The ETSI SAREF ontology for smart applications: a long path of development and evolution. In: Energy Smart Appliances: Applications, Methodologies, and Challenges, 2023, pp. 183-215. logies, and Challenges, 2023, pp. 183-215.
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