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CompetencyQuestion. This property indicates the one or more questions you want your knowledge base to be able to answer. The value of this property is of type Text.

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AcademicRoles +who plays a certain role within that project?


Causal information and proportionality +What factors limit the cell size? Why are cells so small? Why cant cells have a diameter of 1 meters?


Data production +I would need to describe the following pattern: "A device/sensor/software application produces a piece of data (e.g., a measure for a sensor, a computation for an application). More generally,


HasHabitat +give me the species having a "demersal" habitat in water area "24"


Mathematical expressions +How to I calculate the gross income? How to I calculate the net income?
Metrics +What metrics can be applied to this dataset? Can this metric be reused for this new dataset? What metric was applied to make this decision?
Modelling Questions +What is the variable of this question? What are the additional constraints set by this question? What is the type of thing this question is asking for?
Multiple Alternative Classification Criteria +Allow me to retrieve all "elements" (classes/individuals) of a "domain concept" viewed by a combination of "values" (or "terms") from various "classification criteria" (or "facets").


Ordered Lists +What is the first element in this ordered list? What is the next element after this one? What criteria has been used to order the elements?


Parts that create compartments in an entity +How is it possible that incompatible processes can simultaneously go on within a Eukaryotic cell? ---> That is because the cell membranes compartmentalize a cell into disjoint chambers ---> Therefore, the process going on in one chamber does not affect another
PharmaceuticalProducts Composition +Which is the composition of a specific pharmaceutical product? Which pharmaceutical products are composed by Ibuprofen? Which pharmaceutical product are composed by less of 1 mg Ibuprofen?


Representing Negation +Is it true that the DNA is translated completely? Can DNA and Ribosomes touch each other in Bacteria?


Situation classification +What situations satisfy a certain description? What descriptions can be (partly) satisfied by that situation? What situations (partly) satisfying a certain description can emerge out of this dataset?
SnomedCTToOWL +Commercial drugs associated to a clinical drug, different dosage units for a given clinical drug, other names of the drug in other terminologies (when mapped)


View Inheritance +For example, in the case of the representation of the "wine" domain concept: * Allow me to select a bottle of wine by color, region,
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