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CoversRequirement This property indicates a competency question expressed in natural language, that is covered by the Content Ontology Design Pattern. The value of this property is of type Text.

This property is a subproperty of Property:PatternProblem.

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AOS AGROVOC Concept Server fundation ontology model +What is the structure i should use if i want to distinguish between domain concepts and their terminology?
ActingFor +Who is working for which organization? Who is representing the company?
Action +What actions is this action dependent on?, When was this action started?, What are the actions contained in this plan?,
ActivitySpecification +What are the preconditions (effects) of a given activity?, Is/are the precondition(s) true at some time t?, Is/are the effect(s) true at some time t?,
AffectedBy +CQ1: What are the properties/qualities that influence a feature of interest?, CQ2: What are the properties/qualities that affect a given property of a feature of interest?, CQ3: Which feature of interest does a given property/quality belongs to?
Affordance +Which is the strength of an Affordance? Which tasks are afforded in a certain situation? How should an agent behave in a certain situation? Which are the parameters involved in certain task?
AgentRole +which agent does play this role?, what is the role that played by that agent?
AlgorithmImplementationExecution +Which algorithm is implemented by this implementation?, What are the implementations of this algorithm?, Which implementation is executed?,
An Ontology Design Pattern for Activity Reasoning +What are the requirements to complete an activity?, Which places are involved in the activity?, Can other planned activities/tasks be combined with this activity?,
Aquatic Resource Observation +For an aquatic resource, what species, in what fishing areas,
AquaticResourceObservation +For an aquatic resource, what species, in what fishing areas,
AquaticResources +What species are present in this aquatic resource/stock? In what water area this aquatic resource/stock lives in?


Bag +What bag is this item an element of?, What is the size of this bag?, What resource does this item refer to?,
Born Digital Archives +<p><i>What are the main entiti <p><i>What are the main entities (units) that compose born digital archives?</i> These are:<ul><li>fonds</li> <li>series</li> <li>files</li> <li>items</li></ul></p> <p><ul><li><i>What is the hierarchy of units within a born digital archive?</i> Fonds composed from series or files; series composed from files; files composed from items.</li></ul></p> <p><ul><li><i>Who is the creator of an archive?</i> The creator is an entity of type foaf:Agent.</li></ul></p> oaf:Agent.</li></ul></p>


CGI Simple Lithology 201001 +What are the subtypes of granite. Find all igneous rocks.
Complaint Design Pattern +What is the claim of the complainant?, Which facts happened in 'this' date or in 'this' place?, Who is involved in this complaint?,
CatchRecord +What species, and what amount of organisms, have been caught from what areas,
Chemical Compound and Chemical Functional Group Ontology +Q. What kind of compound is Ethanol? Ethanol is an Alcohol.
ChessGame +List all moves in a Fools Mate game where List all moves in a Fools Mate game where black wins after 2 moves by both players? What did Kasparov say about his opponent first two moves in his commentary about his game against Topalov in 1999 Tournament in Wijk aan Zee? Who played against Kasparov in the round 1994 Linares tournament? Did (s)he play as a white or black player? What is the first move taken by black player in the Sicilian Defence opening? ck player in the Sicilian Defence opening?
Classification +What concept is assigned to this entity?, Which category does this entity belong to?
ClimaticZone +What resource has what climatic zone?
Co-participation +What objects participate in a same event?, Who is involved with whom in something?
Collection +What things are contained in this collection (community, collective)? What collections this thing is member of?
CollectionEntity +Which collection this entity is member of?, Which are the members of this collection?
CommunicationEvent +What is the status of this event?, What is the purpose of this communication?, What are the valid contact mechanisms for this communication?,
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