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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Improvement
  • Bugfix

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Pages using the property "DevelopmentTaskType"

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Tasks/Add Create Task option to Task Toolbar +Improvement  +
Tasks/Add RecommendedBy property for exemplary ontologies +Improvement  +
Tasks/Add argument to simple toolbar +Improvement  +
Tasks/Add related pattern column to modeling issues table +Improvement  +
Tasks/Add support for PNG, SVG +Improvement  +
Tasks/Adding one-click link for adding a comment +Improvement  +
Tasks/Bug in the account administration procedure +Bugfix  +
Tasks/Change the range of the Scenario property +Improvement  +
Tasks/Comments +Improvement  +
Tasks/Create References Tab +Bugfix  +
Tasks/Create new domain not recognize existing domain +Bugfix  +
Tasks/Creating pages and categories +Improvement  +
Tasks/Deleting properties from Proposal's definition +Improvement  +
Tasks/Distinguishing Open and QC Reviews +Improvement  +
Tasks/Distracting backgrounds +Improvement  +
Tasks/Editorial Board Group +Improvement  +
Tasks/Exemplary ontologies for a domain +Improvement  +
Tasks/Indent text a bit in Info Tip Template +Bugfix  +
Tasks/InfoTip broken for URI field +Bugfix  +
Tasks/KANZAKI stylesheets +Improvement  +
Tasks/Linking scenarios in the proposal's page +Improvement  +
Tasks/List of Modeling Issues has extra tables +Bugfix  +
Tasks/Mail features +Improvement  +
Tasks/Make Legacy Reference fields read-only +Bugfix  +
Tasks/Make it easy to add images to Modeling Issues +Improvement  +
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