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News/10 +Lim&Bio Lab (Paris 13 University) orga Lim&Bio Lab (Paris 13 University) organized an ODP Seminar with Valentina Presutti and Aldo Gangemi (STLab – CNR – Italy). The purpose of the seminar was to present ODP patterns (examples, use cases, pattern typology) and to discuss relevant modeling problems and ODP reuse and extension. ling problems and ODP reuse and extension.
News/11 +On October 28-29 2011, a "Pattern Camp" was held in Paris, with the aim to collaboratively create and explore ODPs in different areas.
News/12 +The third Workshop on Ontology Patterns ([[WOP:2012|WOP2012]]) will be held at ISWC2012 (November 11 or 12) in Boston, US.
News/13 +Open positions at STLab CNR Italy
News/14 +4th Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns accepted for ISWC2013
News/15 +6th WOP edition to be held at ISWC2015 in October!
News/16 +The Ontology Design and Patterns Association was formed.
News/17 +Announcement of the 2016 ODP book by Hitzler, Gangemi, Janowicz, Krisnadhi, Presutti
News/18 +WOP 2019 to be held at ISWC 2019 in New Zealand
News/19 +WOP 2020 to be held at ISWC 2020 in Greece
News/3 +New presentation called "The Loreley of Ontology Design Patterns" is now available in Training navigation area
News/4 +This will be the first edition in a series of yearly workshops addressing the emerging topic of ontology patterns, related to the initiative.
News/5 +'''[ Vocamp @ Washington D.C., USA. October 2009, supported by WOP]'''
News/6 +Lexico-syntactic ODPs are now supported by the ODP Portal.
News/7 +Successful collaborative eXtreme Design camp culminated the [[Training:PhD_Course_on_Computational_Ontologies_%40_University_of_Bologna Computational| Ontologies PhD course]] held at University of Bologna.
News/9 +2nd edition of WOP accepted for ISWC2010!
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