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Organization Relates the major organization(s) associated with an ontology. This may be who owns and controls the ontology, the organization(s) managing associated projects, or where most of the work was or is being done. This is a property of type String.

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ATC Ontology +Atos Origin  +
Aggregated Invoice Ontology +iSOCO  +
Aquatic Resource Observation +FAO  +, CNR  +


CGI Simple Lithology 201001 +Concept Definition TG  +, Interoperability WG  +, IUGS CGI  +
COMM - Core ontology for Multimedia Annotation +University of Koblenz-Landau  +, CWI  +
CaRePa +VIT  +
Chemical Compound and Chemical Functional Group Ontology +Carleton University - Dumontier Lab  +
Countries +cf  +


Emotional Knowledge Graph (EmoKG) +M3 (Machine-to-Machine Measurement)  +, SWoT (Semantic Web of Things).  +
Event Model F +University of KoblenzLandau  +


FIESTA-IoT +Insight Center for Data Analytics  +, NUIG Galway  +
Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) +University of Washington  +


GUM-Space +I1-OntoSpace  +, SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition  +, University of Bremen  +
GoodRelations +Universität der Bundeswehr München  +
Grid4AllOntology +University of the Aegean  +, Ai-Lab  +


HCONEadminOnto +University of the Aegean  +, Ai-Lab  +
HCONEarguOnto +University of the Aegean  +, Ai-Lab  +
HCONEevolutionOnto +University of the Aegean  +, Ai-Lab  +


Media Value Chain Ontology +MPEG  +
Music Ontology +BBC  +, Structured Dynamics  +, Centre for Digital Music - Queen Mary - University of London  +,
Musician Ontology +New Jersey Institute of Technology  +, USA  +


OWL-S +SRI International  +, BBN Technologies  +, USC Information Sciences Institute  +,
OntoClean Meta-Property Ontology +LOA-CNR  +


Process Specification Language (PSL) +NIST  +


QUDT: Quantities, Units, Dimensions and Types +NASA  +, TopQuadrant  +
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