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Title. This property assigns a title to the ODP wiki page. Typically titles are used for facilitating the identification of a page of interest. Hence, titles should be enough to provide the reader with an idea of the content of the page. The value of this property is of type Text.

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AcademicRoles +Academic People and their Roles
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011 +Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011/Ontology Design Patterns +Ontology Design Patterns
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011/Ontology Testing +Ontology Testing
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011/Reengineering +Reengineering
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011/Requirements Engineering +Requirements Engineering
Advanced Ontology Engineering at FOI - 2011/XD mini-project +XD mini-project
Autumn 2009 - ODPs@UPM +Autumn 2009 - ODPs@UPM
Autumn 2009 - ODPs@UPM/Homework exercise - modelling theater productions +Homework exercise - modelling theater productions
Autumn 2009 - PhD course Jönköping +Autumn 2009 - PhD course Jönköping
Autumn 2009 - PhD course Jönköping/Creating CQs and SPARQL queries +Creating CQs and SPARQL queries
Autumn 2009 - PhD course Jönköping/Mini-project 1: Hospital employees +Mini-project 1: Hospital employees
Autumn 2009 - PhD course Jönköping/Mini-project 2: Theater productions +Mini-project 2: Theater productions


CP Image position +CP Image position
Causal information and proportionality +Causal information and proportionality
Choosing users and domains +Choosing users and domains
Climbing-related products +Issues in modeling climbing-related products
Colon in the ODP template +Colon (:) in the ODP template
ContentPatterns@SSSW +ContentPatterns@SSSW
ContentPatterns@SSSW/MusicIndustryExercise +MusicIndustryExercise
Create a domain is not possible +Create a domain while propose CP is not possible


Data production +Data Production
Data type values in DOLCE +Data type properties
Definition of ontology elements +Definition of ontology elements from a proposed Content OP: red links do not point to the right editing form.
Describing Lists and Sublists +Sublist ontology
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