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Review Summary: This pattern describes a taxonomy creation from a classification scheme based on a path enumeration model.

The idea is to represent the parent and children relation from the classification scheme which is a rooted tree by subClass relations between concepts in the taxonomy. This kind of representation and transformation is straightforward and simple, but the pattern is quite complex.

The proposed pattern could be interesting for discussions at WOP since schema re-engineering is common modelling problem.

However, the pattern as it is proposed is rather complex for a very simple and basic modelling guideline (classified tree entities represented in a taxonomy). Therefore the quality and relevance of this pattern is not very high.
Reviewer Confidence: good
Problems: The pattern is quite complex for a very simple ontological modelling approach, i.e. represent parent and children relations with subclass relations of concepts. It seems that the process description and process example are executed in different directions: the process description starts with the general concept (parent node in the tree) and then considers the children nodes (sub-concepts), whereas the process example description starts with the subclasses (more special classes) and continues with the more general classes.
Community Relevance: medium
Relation to Best Practices: The taxonomical representation refers to good practice.
Relations to Other Patterns:
Overall Understandability: good
Clear Problem Description: medium
Clear Relevance and Consequences: medium
Clear Figures and Illustrations: medium
Missing Information:

Posted: 2009/9/10 Last modified: 2009/9/10

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