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HenrikEriksson about Partition (Revision ID: 5748)

Overall suggestion (score): 0 - needs major revision

Review Summary: This is definitely a pattern that should be every ontology engineer's toolbox. However, the current description is poor. The wording in the motivation and aim should be improved and examples added.
Reviewer Confidence: High
Problems: The pattern documentation needs improvements. Examples should be added.
Community Relevance: Relevant, but somewhat trivial.
Relation to Best Practices: This pattern is quite universal and commonly used (although you may not think of it).
Reusability: The pattern is generic.
Relations to Other Patterns:
Overall Understandability: Fundamentally, the pattern is easy to understand. However, the current description is unclear which makes the pattern more difficult to understand.
Clear Problem Description: Currently, none at all.
Clear Relevance and Consequences: No.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: Currently, no figures.
Missing Information: Problem description, examples, figures.

Posted: 2009/9/9 Last modified: 2009/9/8

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