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MariCarmenSuarezFigueroa about Literal Reification (Revision ID: Reification?oldid=10110 10110)

Overall suggestion (score): 1 - needs minor revision

Review Summary: The pattern represents how to express the reification of literal values in OWL.
Reviewer Confidence: High
Problems: Apart from the issues already commented by Olaf, I would like to mention that at some point it is not clear enough the need of having this kind of pattern.

The authors could include more description of the real need and/or real problems in which this kind of solution is necessary.

In addition, this could be related with some parts of the LIR model, in which different labels can be associated to a concept as well as different meanings and related contexts.
Community Relevance:
Relation to Best Practices:
Relations to Other Patterns:
Overall Understandability: In general the pattern is well understood; however, I would recommend to include some known uses of this kind of solution as well as some examples in which this pattern should be used.
Clear Problem Description:
Clear Relevance and Consequences:
Clear Figures and Illustrations:
Missing Information:

Posted: 2010/9/17 Last modified: 2010/9/17

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