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MartaSabou about Partition (Revision ID: 5679)

Overall suggestion (score): 0 - needs major revision

Review Summary: This is a logical pattern that allows modeling partitions - i.e., a set of subclasses that are mutually disjoint but which jointly cover their parent class.

I agree that this is a rather frequent modeling problem, and the proposed solution is likely to be helpful to many practitioners.

Due to the fact that the proposed pattern is rather simple, it might not lead to very interesting/deep discussions during the WOP workshop, so my overall score reflects that. Additionally, the pattern could do with some further information in terms of usage scenarios and in particular its relation to other ODPs - this is such a core modeling problem I would be surprised if it was not already covered in some way by other patterns.

The proposed solution uses the OWL2 constructs. Wouldn't it be more useful to give an "abstract" (KR language independent solution) and then illustrate its implementation both in OWL and OWLs?
Reviewer Confidence: Medium. I cannot judge how this pattern relates to existing patterns.
Community Relevance:
Relation to Best Practices:
Reusability: High.
Relations to Other Patterns: This should be further investigated.
Overall Understandability:
Clear Problem Description: Yes.
Clear Relevance and Consequences: Not specified.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: None provided.
Missing Information:

Posted: 2009/9/8 Last modified: 2009/9/8

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