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OlafNoppens about Literal Reification (Revision ID: Reification?oldid=10062 10062)

Overall suggestion (score): 2 - accept for certification

Review Summary: The pattern states how to express reification of literal values in OWL by introducing an intermediate individual (type of Literal) which is connected (via hasLiteralValue) to a blank literal value, or via hasSameLiteralValue to another intermediate individual.

I have two minor remarks (which depends on each other):

(1) Literal is a subclass of (= 1 hasLiteralValue). I was wondering whether one could define literal equivalent to (= 1 hasLiteralValue or = 1 hasSameLiteralValue). The idea is that a literal has always either a literal value directly or indirectly (via hasSameLiteralValue)

(2)SWRL rules are used (in that sense it would also be valid if Literal is defined equivalent to = 1 hasLiteralValue because the SWRL rules guarantee this behaviour). I suggest to add a remark to the description and also to the diagram. Because the application of the pattern assumes SWRL + OWL.
Reviewer Confidence: high
Community Relevance: high
Relation to Best Practices:
Reusability: high
Relations to Other Patterns:
Overall Understandability: good
Clear Problem Description: good
Clear Relevance and Consequences: good
Clear Figures and Illustrations: good - I suggest as mentioned above that the desription and the figures make a reference to rules / SWRL
Missing Information:

Posted: 2010/9/16 Last modified: 2010/9/16

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