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RinkeHoekstra about OOPMetrics (Revision ID: 11169)

Overall suggestion (score): -1 - reject

Review Summary: The ontology has very limited motivation, and it is unclear to me how the ontology would form a reusable pattern across different ontologies. The idea of ontology design patterns is that they present fragments of ontologies that are common across multiple domains. An ontology for evaluating OOP, however useful, is not a pattern in that sense, it is a very small ontology in its own right, that has a very specific purpose. Perhaps if this ontology could be generalized to rating/ranking/measuring things in general, it could be a pattern. However, this will require some more substantial backing.
Reviewer Confidence: High
Community Relevance:
Relation to Best Practices: It is an ontology for measuring best practices in OOP, which is good. However, the ontology itself does not follow best practices (lack of labels, limited documentation etc.
Reusability: Reusable but only for a very specific task.
Relations to Other Patterns: None
Overall Understandability: Ok
Clear Problem Description: Far to limited discussion
Clear Relevance and Consequences: Relevance is clear for OOP metrics, but not as a pattern.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: Yes
Missing Information:

Posted: 2012/8/21 Last modified: 2012/8/21

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