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VojtechSvatek about EventProcessing (Revision ID: 11646)

Overall suggestion (score): 1 - needs minor revision

Review Summary: Pattern description conforming to the usual standards of the portal, with only minor details missing.
Reviewer Confidence: I am not expert in sensors, and haven't been even extensively involved in event modeling. My familiarity with ODPs in general is however solid.
Problems: I don't see any major problems. Only some details of the pattern should be clarified to ensure its proper use. The diagram also lacks classes SensorOutput and EventObjectPart, which are listed in the glossary.
Community Relevance: The pattern looks quite relevant for the sensor community.
Relation to Best Practices: The pattern builds on existing upper-level ontologies, adding a lightweight extra layer. It could thus become a part of best practices.
Reusability: The pattern is highly generic and thus well-reusable.
Relations to Other Patterns: There are already some patterns in the catalog that deal with temporality, but not really with capturing information about events.
Overall Understandability: The pattern is relatively clear. Obviously, its presentation at such small space raises some questions. (I listed them rather in the paper review.)
Clear Problem Description: Although the modeling problem is clear, it is not explicitly stated how the pattern would contribute to proper inferencing in an application.
Clear Relevance and Consequences: The pattern is relatively simple, and its use doesn't seem to have dramatic consequences.
Clear Figures and Illustrations: The figure is OK, except two missing classes. There is an illustrative OWL fragment available. The notation is standard.
Missing Information: Two missing classes in the diagram.

Posted: 2013/8/7 Last modified: 2013/8/7

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