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ContentODPDescription This pattern models an action class, and subclasses that represents different kinds of actions depending on their properties. It also includes properties of actions such as status and duration.
CoversRequirement What actions is this action dependent on?, When was this action started?, What are the actions contained in this plan?, What are the consequences of this action?, What is the status of this action?, When was this action completed?, What is the suspension time of this action?
GraphicallyRepresentedBy Action.jpg +
HasConsequence The pattern allows to represent different types of actions, e.g. implemented actions or suspended actions, but does not enforce any rules such as "if an action is an instance of the class of completed actions it has to have the status 'completed' ".
HasElement Action/Action +, Action/Action status +, Action/has status +, Action/is consequence of +, Action/is dependent on +, Action/Plan +, Action/Suspension +, Action/has suspension +, Action/Performance duration +, Action/is duration of +, Action/Implemented action +, Action/is suspension of +, Action/plan composed of +, Action/Proposed action +, Action/is status of +, Action/Abandoned action +, Action/Completed action +, Action/has duration +, Action/action proposed in +, Action/has direct consequence +, Action/has consequence +, Action/is direct consequence of +, Action/is directly dependent on +, Action/has direct dependent +, Action/has dependent +
HasIntent The purpose of the pattern is to model actions that are proposed, planned, and performed or abandoned, together with their status and durations in time.
IsSpecializationOf Sequence +, TimeInterval +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 4 August 2010 09:49:33  +
Name Action  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
PatternDomain Product development +, Business +, General +
ReengineeredFrom 'action' data model pattern
Scenario The action of making coffee is dependent on the action of buying coffee., The action of making coffee is 'completed'., The consequence of making coffee is drinking coffee., I performed the action of making coffee between 9 and 9:05am this morning., I plan to make coffee tomorrow, and then I plan to have breakfast.
SubmittedBy EvaBlomqvist +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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Action/Abandoned action +, Action/Action +, Action/Action status +, Action/Completed action +, Action/Implemented action +, Action/Performance duration +, Action/Plan +, Action/Proposed action +, Action/Suspension +, Action/action proposed in +, Action/has consequence +, Action/has dependent +, Action/has direct consequence +, Action/has direct dependent +, Action/has duration +, Action/has status +, Action/has suspension +, Action/is consequence of +, Action/is dependent on +, Action/is direct consequence of +, ElementOf


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