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ContentODPDescription Beloit it is provided the formalization of Beloit it is provided the formalization of the pattern in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) in Manchester syntax: Algorithm SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> Implementation SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> Implementation SubClassOf implements some Algorithm <br /> Implementation SubClassOf hasParameter some Parameter <br /> Execution SubClassOf Process <br /> Execution SubClassOf hasInput some ParameterSetting <br /> Execution SubClassOf realizes some Algorithm <br /> Execution SubClassOf achieves some Task <br /> Execution SubClassOf hasDuration some TimeInterval <br /> Parameter SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> ParameterSetting SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> ParameterSetting SubClassOf specifiedBy some Parameter <br /> ParameterSetting SubClassOf hasValue some rdfs:Literal <br /> Input SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> Output SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> Task SubClassOf InformationEntity <br /> Task SubClassOf definedOn some Input <br /> Top SubClassOf hasInput only Input <br /> Top SubClassOf hasOutput only Output <br /> ClassOf hasOutput only Output <br />
CoversRequirement Which algorithm is implemented by this implementation?, What are the implementations of this algorithm?, Which implementation is executed?, What are the parameters of this implementation?, What are the parameter settings of particular parameters in this execution?, What is the input to this implementation execution?, What is the output produced by the this implementation execution?, What algorithm does this execution realize?, What task does this execution achieves?, What is the duration of this execution?, What is the input this task is defined on?
GraphicallyRepresentedBy AlgorithmImplementationExecution ver2.png +
HasComponent TimeInterval +
HasIntent To model algorithm specifications, their i To model algorithm specifications, their implementations and executions, together with parameters of implementations, settings of the parameters for the execution, and inputs the execution consumes (e.g., data) and outputs the execution produces (e.g., models, reports). xecution produces (e.g., models, reports).
KnownUse ML Schema  +, DMOP  +, Function Ontology  +, MEX  +, OBI  +, OntoDM  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 27 August 2016 17:19:49  +
Name AlgorithmImplementationExecution  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
PatternDomain General +, Software +, Software Engineering +, Workflow +
ReengineeredFrom ML Schema,
RelatedCP BasicPlan +, BasicPlanExecution +, Parameter +
Scenario Consider a scenario in machine learning (M Consider a scenario in machine learning (ML) domain. The scenario deals with a machine learning task completion and it is based on an example derived from the OpenML portal ( <br /> There is an ML Task <code>:task29</code> which is a supervised classification task defined on the dataset <code>:credit-a</code>. This task is achieved by the Execution <code>:run100241</code> which executes the Implementation <code>:wekaLogistic</code> of the Algorithm <code>:logisticRegression</code>. <br />The Implementation <code>:wekaLogistic</code> has five hyperparameters (Parameter): <code>:wekaLogisticC</code> ): <code>:wekaLogisticC</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticDoNotCheckCapabilities</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticM</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticOutputDebugInfo</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticR</code>. T <code>:wekaLogisticR</code>. The values of two of these hyperparameters are set. The hyper parameter <code>:wekaLogisticM</code> has value set to -1 (expressed via the ParameterSetting <code>:wekaLogisticMSetting29</code>) e>:wekaLogisticMSetting29</code>), and the hyper parameter <code>:wekaL and the hyper parameter <code>:wekaLogisticR</code> that has its value set to <code>"1.0E-8"^^xsd:float</code> (expressed via the ParameterSetting <code>:wekaLogisticRSetting29</code>). <br /> The Execution <code>:run100241</code> has on Input the <code>:credit-a</code> dataset and the parameter settings and its Output is the ML model <code>:wekaLogisticModel100241</code>. >:wekaLogisticModel100241</code>.
SubmittedBy AgnieszkaLawrynowicz +, DiegoEsteves +, PancePanov +, SasoDzeroski +, TommasoSoru +, JoaquinVanschoren +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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