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ContentODPDescription Representing ordered lists, through a spec Representing ordered lists, through a specialization of the bag pattern, where each resource in the bag is referred through an item, so that the same item can occur in several places. The usual properties of lists are also there, i.e. the sequence of elements, and references to the first and last item. and references to the first and last item.
CoversRequirement What are the items (elements) in this list?, What is the length (size) of this list?, What is the first/last item in this list?, What resource does this list item contain?, What it the next/previous item in the list?
ExtractedFrom  +
GraphicallyRepresentedBy List.jpg +
HasComponent Sequence +, CollectionEntity +
HasElement List/ListItem +, List/List +, List/lastItemOf +, List/hasLastItem +, List/firstItemOf +, List/nextItem +, List/previousItem +, List/hasFirstItem +
HasIntent To represent ordered collections, i.e. lists.
IsSpecializationOf Sequence +, Bag +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 9 December 2010 14:56:49  +
Name List  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
RelatedCP Bag +, Set +
SubmittedBy EvaBlomqvist +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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List/List +, List/ListItem +, List/firstItemOf +, List/hasFirstItem +, List/hasLastItem +, List/lastItemOf +, List/nextItem +, List/previousItem + ElementOf
Bag +, Set + RelatedCP


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