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CPInstantiationExample  +
ContentODPAlsoKnownAs part whole  +
ContentODPDescription --
CoversRequirement what is this entity part of?, What are the parts of this entity?
ExtractedFrom  +
GraphicallyRepresentedBy Partof.jpg +
HasConsequence This Content OP allows designers to repres This Content OP allows designers to represent entities and their parts i.e., part-whole relations, with transitivity. The temporal aspect of this relations cannot be expressed with this Content OP; in order to solve this issue the [[Submissions:TimeIndexedPartOf| time indexed part of]] Content OP can be used. For an intransitive part-of Content OP see [[Submissions:Componency| componency]]. ee [[Submissions:Componency| componency]].
HasElement PartOf/Entity +, PartOf/hasPart +, PartOf/isPartOf +
HasIntent To represents entities and their parts.
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 8 March 2010 13:31:48  +
Name part of  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
PatternDomain Parts and Collections +
Scenario Brain and heart are parts of the human body, substantia nigra is part of brain.
SubmittedBy ValentinaPresutti +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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PartOf/Entity +, PartOf/hasPart +, PartOf/isPartOf + ElementOf
TimeIndexedPartOf + HasComponent
Componency + IsSpecializationOf
Lexico Syntactic ODPs corresponding to Object Property or Datatype Property or Simple Part-Whole relation ODPs + Lexico-SyntacticODPRelatedTo
GO Top + RelatedCP
PharmaceuticalProducts Composition + RelatedPattern


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